About Recam

Recam manufactures a wide range of both standard heat exchanger equipment and customized compressorised equipment. This enables a unique solution to your refrigeration requirements, and not another "one size fits all" answer. What ever your needs, Recam has done the "hard yards" in offering energy efficient products utilizing advanced electronic control systems, and low power consumption compressor technology. It’s no co-incidence that Recam has been in business since 1975. By partnering with world leaders, we ensure we are always at the forefront of technological product innovation.

More specifically, through the use of world leading Dixell electronic control systems, energy usage is managed in order to ensure that all ancilliary items are only powered up when actually required. Items such as anti-fog heaters on glass doors are only turned on when the humidity level in your shop would result in misting up of the doors. The monitoring of ambient temperatures also results in condensing temperature set-points being continually adjusted to ensure the minimum power is used. Why would you want your fridges running at the lowest possible temperature when there is no one in the store, and fridge doors are not being opened constantly? Automatic adjustment of the temperature setpoint will raise the temperature slightly during times of low load, again reducing your power bill.

Scroll compressor technology is yet another tool in Recam’s technical arsenal. These compressors are the latest evolution in compression technology, and although the principle has existed for many years, Copeland has perfected it and produced the first compressor suitable for commercial refrigeration. In fact, over 55 million scroll compressors are installed worldwide today.

Unlike reciprocating compressors, scrolls only have 3 moving parts. They offer reduced starting current due to their valve design, as well as higher compression efficiency as there is no “clearance volume” required in the scroll mechanism. Further enhancements include liquid injection into the scroll for further efficiency improvement, and digital technology which matches the compressor’s output exactly to the refrigeration equipment’s load– again no “one size fits all” solution. Recam’s latest solution involves the use of Emerson variable speed drives to control compressor speed to once again match compressor output to refrigeration load. This variable speed technology is further extended to ensure condenser fans also operate optimally to ensure maximum power saving, with the added benefit of reduced noise.

The Recam product platform has also been developed to ensure that a product exists to satisfy every possible configuration. The capacity also exists within the factory for solutions to be developed by an experienced engineering team. This same engineering team also backs up every product technically. The products range from weatherproof packaged equipment which eliminate the need for a plant-room, to specialized heat exchangers for glass door fridges, mortuary cabinets, and high capacity evaporators for cold storage facilities.

Our multiplex rack systems are custom designed using active oil management systems– the only way to ensure maximum reliability. The racks are also supplied with all required electrical panels manufactureds in-house to ensure full compatability and optimal operation. Electrical panels are manufactured to all relevant SANS codes.

Condenser solutions include both vertical and horizontal discharge configurations, as well the small footprint V-coil design. Recam’s V-coil is the only product on the market which features it’s own electrics– no remote panels with miles of control cabling to go faulty. Condensers can be manufactured to suit corrosive or other ambient conditions.